Academic Programmes

#Course CodeCourse Name
26DGCEDiploma in Governace and County Ethics
27DGDDiploma in Graphic Design
28DHIMDiploma in Hotel and Institutional Management
29DHMNDiploma in Hotel Management
30DHRMDiploma in Human Resource Management
31DIMBDiploma in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology
32DICTDiploma in Information Communication Technology
33DLISDiploma in Library and Information Sciences
34DISDiploma in Library Science
35DLTMDiploma in Logistics and Transport Management
36DMAEDiploma in Marine Engineering
37DMTLDiploma in Maritime Transport Logistics
38DMACDiploma in Mass Communication
39DMENDiploma in Mechanical Engineering
40DMEADiploma in Mechanical Engineering (Automotive)
41DMPLDiploma in Mechanical Engineering (Plant)
42DMPRDiploma in Mechanical Engineering (Production Option)
43DMENPDiploma in Mechanical Engineering Plant Option
44DMENPRDiploma in Mechanical Engineering- Production Option
45DMENADiploma in Mechanical Engineering-Automotive Option
46DMEDiploma in Medical Engineering
47DMLSDiploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
48DNSCDiploma in Nautical Sciences
49DNDDiploma in Nutrition and Diatetics
50DNHDiploma in Nutrition And Health Sciences
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