The Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) has made impressive progress in their quest to develop a new Student Management Information System, TUMMIS. This was achieved through the joint efforts of the Institute of Computing and Informatics (ICI) and Information and Communication Technology Services (ICTS), with the aim of enhancing efficiency and effectiveness within the institution. TUMMIS was specifically designed to simplify and streamline the automated processes, ensuring a better user experience for all.

Currently, TUMMIS boasts of five operational modules that handle both academic and administrative tasks. The first module, the Application Module, allows prospective students to apply for courses online. The second module, Admissions Module, handles the admission process for successful applicants. It facilitates the approval of the applicants' documents, sends feedback and provides the students with login credentials to the student portal. The third module, the Semester Registration Module, enables students to request for registration for the subsequent semester based on fee payment and passing of previous years' examinations for those proceeding to the next academic year. The fourth module, the Student Progression Module, tracks the academic progress of students by providing their academic history and class patterns for proper planning. Lastly, the Workload Module allocates semester units to lecturers based on their interests and academic qualifications and generates the semester workload document for management planning.

Furthermore, TUMMIS will incorporate additional modules such as the Examination Processing Module, Student Finance Module, Accommodation Module, Timetabling Module, Help Desk Module and Attendance Register Module. It is certain that the implementation of TUMMIS will revolutionise the academic and administrative processes at TUM. It will improve decision-making and enhance the students' experiences, while simultaneously streamlining resource allocation and optimization. Undoubtedly, this system will place TUM on the path towards achieving its vision and mission.










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