The Commission for University Education (CUE) has set up a camp at the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) for a routine institutional quality audit. 

The audit began on November 14, 2023, and it will be completed on November 17, 2023. 

The audit process started with a meeting between the CUE team, TUM's top management and the Senate. Leading the CUE team is Prof James K. Tuitoek.

In his address, Prof Tuitoek emphasized that the institutional quality audit is a regular procedure conducted every five years to ensure that the institution is adhering to the necessary protocols in serving its stakeholders. 

He pointed out that the purpose of the audit is to assess whether everything is running smoothly and not to engage in any form of witch-hunting.

Following the audit, the team will provide a report to the university management and establish a timeframe for their response for the University to improve the services offered to clients. 

In her presentation, TUM Vice Chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar focused on TUM's history and its vision and mission. 

She also articulated the University's core values, and philosophy, and she also outlined the University organogram, schools, and institutes. 

Prof Laila revealed that due to TUM's status as a heritage site, the management is prohibited from demolishing old buildings, resulting in the expensive maintenance of the structures.

In the afternoon, the CUE team held a meeting with academic staff, administrative staff, and students to gather feedback that will be forwarded to the university management.

Days two and three will be dedicated to conducting interviews with alumni, stakeholders, council members, and the university chancellor. This will be followed by the inspection of facilities such as the library, conference halls, lecture rooms, laboratories, workshops, studios, staff offices, student hostels, and utility services. 

On day four the team will also review documents, and then draft and present an institutional Quality Audit Exit Report to the university management.

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