Academic Programmes

#Course CodeCourse Name
1BACPBachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology
2BACSBachelor of Arts in Conflicts and Security Studies
3BADSBachelor of Arts in Development Studies
4BARCBachelor of Architectural Studies
5BASBachelor of Arts in Sociology
6BBABachelor of Business Administration
7BBITBachelor of Business and Information Technology
8BBJBachelor of Broadcast Journalism
9BBOMBachelor of Business and Office Management
11BEBCBachelor of Engineering in Building & Civil Engineering
12BISBachelor of Information Science
13BJMCBachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication
14BMCSBachelor of Science in Mathematics And Computer Science
15BMFTBachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Forensic Technology
16BMLSBachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
17BSBBachelor of Science in Biochemistry
18BSCEBachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
19BSCHBachelor of Science in Community Health
20BSCMBachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management
21BSCPBachelor of Science in Counselling Psychology
22BSCSBachelor of Science in Computer Science
23BSDSBachelor of Science in Development studies
24BSEEBachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
25BSEHBachelor of Science in Environmental Health Science(Public Health)
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