Academic Programmes

#Course CodeCourse Name
1DTEETTelecommunication Engineering
2DTEEPPower Engineering
3DTEEMMechatronic and Robotic Engineering
4DLTIInternational Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management
5DTEEIInstrumentation and Control Engineering
6HDSMHigher Diploma in Secretarial Management
7HHRMHigher Diploma in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
8HEAEHigher Diploma in Electronics and Automation Engineering
9HEPEHigher Diploma in Electrical Power Engineering
10HDEEHigher Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
11HDCSHigher Diploma in Computer Studies
12HDCAHigher Diploma in Catering and Accommodation Management
13HBCEHigher Diploma in Building and Civil Engineering
14DTMDiploma in Tourism Management
15DTIEDiploma in Technology(Telecommunication Information Engineering)
16DTMEDiploma in Technology Medical Engineering
17DTICTDiploma in Technology Instrumentation and Control Engineering-Telecommunication
18DTICIDiploma in Technology Instrumentation and Control Engineering-Instrumentation
19DTICDiploma in Technology Instrumentation and Control Engineering
20DTEEDiploma in Technology Electrical and Electronics Engineering
21DTCNDiploma in Technology Computer and Network Engineering
22DTEADiploma in Technology (Electronics and Automation Engineering)
23DSCMDiploma in Supply Chain Management
24DSCDDiploma in Social Work and Community Development
25DSHDiploma in shipping
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