Academic Programmes

#Course CodeCourse Name
76CSLTCertificate in Science Laboratory Technology
77CSSCertificate in Secretarial Studies
78CSTMCertificate in Stores Management
79CTEECertificate in Technology Electrical and Electronic Engineering
80CEPECertificate in Technology Electrical Power Engineering
81CEEECertificate in Technology Electronic Engineering
82CTECertificate in Telecommunication Engineering
83CTTOCertificate in Travel and Tour Operations
84CFPCCertificate of Competency in Food Production - Culinary Arts (Level 5)
85CLTMCertificate of Logistics and Transport Management
86COHSCertificate of Occupational, Environmental Health and Safety
87CPSPCertified Procurement and Supply Professional of Kenya (CPSP-K) 1
88CPACertified Public Accountants (Sec I)
89CNA1CISCO Certified Network Associate 1
90ITECISCO Information Technology Essentials
91CLWComputer Literacy
92CGLCounty Governance and Leadership
93DACCDiploma in Accountancy
94DACDiploma in Analytical Chemistry
95DARCDiploma in Architecture
96DARMDiploma in Archives and Records Mnagement
97DAEDiploma in Automotive Engineering
98DBLDDiploma in Building
99DBCEDiploma in Building and Civil Engineering
100DBTEDiploma in Building Technology
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