Academic Programmes

#Course CodeCourse Name
26BSIEBachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering
27BSITBachelor of Science in Information Technology
28BSMRBachelor of Science in Marine Resource Management
29BSMMBachelor of Science in Maritime Management (Commercial)
30BMCSBachelor of Science in Mathematics And Computer Science
31BSMFBachelor of Science in Mathematics and Finance
32BSMEBachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
33BSMDBachelor of Science in Medical Engineering
34BMLSBachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
35BMBFBachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Forensic Technology
36BMFTBachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Forensic Technology
37BSCMBachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management
38BSTMBachelor of Science in Tourism Management
39BSSCBachelor of Sciences in Statistics And Computer Science
40BTACBachelor of Technology in Applied Chemistry (Analytical And Industrial Options)
41BTAPBachelor of Technology in Applied Physics (Electronics And Instrumentation)
42BTCEBachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering
43BTEEBachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
44BTHMBachelor of Technology in Hotel And Hospitality Management
45BTITBachelor of Technology in Information and Communication Technology
46BTMABachelor of Technology in Marine Engineering
47BTMEBachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering
48BTREBachelor of Technology in Renewable Energy And Environmental Physics
49CARCCertificate in Architecture
50CARMCertificate in Archives and Records Management
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