Under the leadership of University Council and University's Vice Chancellor Prof. Laila Abubakar, Technical University of Mombasa is committed to fulfilling the constitutional provisions and implementation of affirmative action policy. Prof. Laila's desire and commitment is to ensure that no one is left out of higher education only on account of disability. Accessibility of the built environment and services and provision of wheelchair in customer care and reception is very key as per NCPWD guidelines.

Technical University of Mombasa received two wheelchairs donated by Madam Rani Ramchandani President Rotary Club of Nakuru and founder Rani Ramchandani Initiatives, Zone Chairperson for Lions Clubs courtesy of Mr. Jonathan Metet University's Disability Mainstreaming Champion. Mr. Metet has partnered with Madam Rani Ramchandani in National Advocacy. Team Rani has distributed over 5000 wheelchairs among other assistive devices across the country. The Disability Mainstreaming Committee members contributed Kes2400 for the two wheelchairs and Tahmeed Coach LTD transported the wheelchairs from Nakuru to Mombasa at no cost. Mr Salim Bakari led Disability Mainstreaming Committee in handing over the Wheelchairs to the Vice Chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar at her office.

Present were Mrs. Phydilia Mjomba Ag. Registrar Administration and Planning Dr. Kilungu Matata COD and Members of Disability Mainstreaming Committee Ms Peres Omito, Ms Susan Mwangi, Mr John Lokuta, Mr Abdalla Yuga and Mr. Jonathan Metet Disability Mainstreaming Champion. While acknowledging reciept, Prof Laila thanked Madam Rani for the donation and Tahmeed Coach LTD for facilitating transport free of charge.

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