TUM joined the world in marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on 3rd December 2022. This day was first declared by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 47/3 in 1992. Its main focus is to create awareness and understanding of disability issues around the globe by ensuring social protection for PWDS.

Prior to the IDPD, was UHAI festival held in TUM - a day before, which was organized by Signs TV in conjuction with Machawood, NCPWD, County Government of Mombasa, TUM, YWCA Kenya, Mombasa Cement, UNICEF, World Vision, AMREF Health Africa , DESIP , DAYO, KIPPRA, UN Volunteers, Association for Phisically Disabled of Kenya (APDK), Unicef, Tahmeed Coach Ltd and other social partners to celebrate and promote talents of Persons With Disabilities (PWDs). This event is a major platform set for the abled differently group to showcase their aptitudes that majority perceive them to lack. During the fair, games like tri-cycle racing, amputee football, sitting volleyball, singing, dancing, short stature football, goalball, and deaf basket ball were exhibited which were later climaxed by awarding of certificate to the participants which took place on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD).

In relation to this year’s IDPD theme “Transformative Solutions for Inclusive Development: The Role of Innovation in Fuelling an Accessible and Equitable World”, TUM has been in fore-front in supporting the PWDs Community by offering a disability-friendly environment that enables members to pursue courses of their choices in different Schools in the institution. For instances; provision of sign language interpreters in the lecture halls, customizing working space for short stature students, ensuring all buildings are accessible by provision of ramps and lifts. The management is also keen in observing the 5% job allocation for PWDs as enshrined in the PWDs Act, 2003. Moreso, TUM has a vibrant Disability Mainstreaming Committee which comprises of care givers and PWDS members who ensure that all matters parterning PWDs are well taken care of.

Am excited, I feel honoured and most privileged as TUM Vice Chancellor to host such honourable event. Karibuni TUM, the only university at sea level!” The ecstatic Prof. Laila Abubakar said as she welcomed guests during the event launch at TUM. She went further articulating the steps TUM has made to ensure inclusivity in the institution which includes the strong foundation of both gender and disability mainstreams.

Apart from conforming with government regulations with regard to disability, TUM is also live to the fact that everyone is potentially a member of PWDs community as these challenges can be acquired at any point in life; it can either be through illness, accidents or even aging. She further urged the PWDs to take advantage of opportunities the institution offers from learning to procurement. “TUM has remained steadfast in ensuring equality in our society. On that note, I call upon all of you members of PWDs community to take advantage of opportunities set aside for you by TUM such as the tenders offered through our procurement department. What you need is to register a company then bring it to us for prequalification so that we may consider it during the tendering process. You don’t have to wait to be employed but you can use this chance to employ yourself. Lastly TUM has always been in frontline to help members of PWD to acquire higher learning education just like anyother person from any department you may desire. Currently we are proud to have quite a number of students with different challenges whom we have accommodated according to their diverse needs.” She concluded.

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