When media audiences watch TV or tune on the radio, hardly any of them imagine the level of effort it takes for journalists and producers to develop and process the content before it hits the frequencies and onto their TV set or radio receiver.

Few days ago, as members of the Journalism Club, we got the privilege of visiting one of the leading media houses in the country, that is Cape Media, in Nairobi, and it was an experience worth sharing here.

Our tour to the media group was on Saturday, June 17, 2023, and I must say it proved to be an enlightening experience, offering firsthand insights into the functioning and operations of the renowned media house.

For beginners, Cape Media is comprised of TV 47, Radio 47 as well as digital platforms. It is a premier media house located in Muthaiga North, Nairobi City, serving as a central hub for news, entertainment and creative content production.

With a strong emphasis on quality journalism, it has established a reputation for its commitment to ethical reporting, providing objective and reliable information to the public.

Radio 47 studios

Our visit there began with an exploration of RADIO 47 HAPA NDIPO, the radio broadcasting arm of the media house. Stepping into the state-of-the-art radio studio, we were warmly received by a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable radio presenters, producers, editors and technicians.

They provided us with an overview of the radio industry, emphasizing on the importance of captivating storytelling, engaging content and the use of sound to evoke emotions and connect with listeners.

During our time at RADIO 47, we witnessed the meticulous process of planning, recording, editing radio programs like news as well as all that is required when going on air. The attention to detail, from the sound effects to the background music selection, was exciting process to witness firsthand.

We learned about the significance of news bulletins, talk shows and entertainment programs in radio broadcasting, as they contribute to the dynamic nature of the medium.

Hitting airwaves

Also, we got the privilege to air some of our broadcast talents, that is, news presentations and reporting (for both Kiswahili and English), show/program presentations, feature and documentary presentations, sports commentary and many other programs.

All these happened during the BAHARI YA ELIMU PROGRAM, under the banner, NANI MKALI SEGMENT.

TV 47 studios

The second part of our visit focused on TV 47, Cape Media’s television broadcasting wing. Led by experienced journalists, producers, and camera crews, TV 47 showcased the captivating world of television production.

We got an opportunity to experience how the production of various programs are done, especially the LIVE programs. During the reality show, where various artists are invited to entertain the viewers, we gained valuable insights into the intricate processes involved in capturing and conveying stories through visual medium.

We were able to learn about the importance of camera angles, lighting and set design in creating visually appealing content. We had an opportunity to have a glimpse into the production studio, control room, witnessing producer, editors, sound engineers and graphic designers working diligently to ensure accurate and up-to-date coverage.

Video editing

The use of advanced audio and video editing software to enhance the final production was particularly fascinating, highlighting the fusion of creativity and technical expertise required in the field of television production.

Throughout our visit to Cape Media, our TUM Journalism club patron Mr. Salim Chiro, played a pivotal role in guiding us through the various aspects of media operations. Together with his fellow journalists we found in cape media, their vast knowledge and experience in the field further enriched our understanding of the industry.

Their ability to bridge theoretical concepts with practical examples greatly enhanced the educational value of the trip.

Meeting radio celebs

Our visit to Cape Media, encompassing the exploration of RADIO 47 and TV 47, was an enlightening experience. It not only gave us an opportunity to get a firsthand experience of the studio equipment but also a chance to interact with some of the best media personalities including; Hassan Ali Kauleni, Ahmed Barhajj, Captain 001, Mkamburi Chigogo, among others.

It was particularly eventful to interact with JUA KALI, one of the best artists in Kenya, whose interesting music kept the session lively. The visit provided us with valuable insights into the realm of mass media, showcasing the importance of quality journalism, captivating storytelling, and the fusion of creativity and technical expertise in both radio and television broadcasting.

The trip to Cape Media underscored the significant role media houses play in shaping public opinion and fostering informed communities. We left with a renewed appreciation for the power and responsibility of the media industry and a deeper understanding of the opportunities it offers for aspiring mass communication professionals.



(TOBIAS OCHIENG is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism-BBJ)

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