An atmosphere of excitement and jubilation reigned in the library of the Technical University of Mombasa, as don and a student launched their maiden books.  

The event, which took place on Thursday of February 22, 2024, was attended by publishers, students, faculty members, and guests from the community, who gathered to celebrate the accomplishment of the two authors.

One of the authors is Mr Bozo Jenje Bozo, who is the current Director at TUM’s Lamu Site and a lecturer in the School of Business. He presented his book titled "Political Marketing and Strategies: Global Trends and Practices". 

The book aims to provide practical insights and guidance to Business, Marketing, Communication, and Political Science students. The groundbreaking book is one of the firsts to look comprehensively at the application and evolution of modern political marketing, campaigning and understanding in Africa.

Book content

Some of the key chapters highlighted in the book include, Neuro-marketing, the Future of Neuro Marketing in politics, Political Marketing and Artificial intelligence, and Political Marketoonist, among others.

It is expected to inspire students, academicians, governments, politicians, political strategists, data analysts, researchers, policy regulators, political parties and readers on the concepts of political Marketing discipline globally.

His colleagues and students praised him for sharing his knowledge and expertise in a format that is accessible and beneficial to aspiring business gurus.

Bozo revealed that some Universities have already showed interest in using the book for teaching. He encouraged his fellow lecturers and students to write in order to generate knowledge.

Author specialties 

Bozo Jenje Bozo is a Kenyan based Political Marketing expert with international experience in Social Media, Big data Analytics and Political performance, specialized on political marketing, Big data and internet of things (IOT).

Mr Jenje’s work is regularly published internationally where he has written various articles on political Marketing, Business and Communication. He is a recipient of the Einstein innovation award and Africa Award winner of the 2018 RVTTI-UNEVOC CENTER PROJECT paper competition. His clients include local, international politicians and political organizations, among many others. The book earned endorsement of Mr Suleiman Shahbal, a business guru and politician in Mombasa and currently an MP at the East African Legislative Assembly in Arusha. 

Mr Jenje has held editorial roles at African News Bulletin and has also published over 180 feature articles for Kenya newspapers namely Seeds of Gold-Saturday Nation, Kenya Times, Standard Newspaper, Business Daily and Daily Nation.

He is the Chairperson of Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture (MESHA), the largest Science Communication media network in Africa. Currently Mr Bozo is a PhD Candidate at the University of Nairobi, where he also earned both his Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and Master in Business Administration (Marketing).

Second author

The other author who launched his book is Mr Muema Stephen Ndunda, a TUM student. He unveiled his fiction works titled Her Sip of Tusker

In his book, Stephen shares the journey of a young lady by the name Mutethya who was vulnerable after the death of her mother. The situation made her to slip from the right hands into those of a family that doesn’t care about her wellbeing. It’s through a beautiful Somali girlfriend that she gets her way to the long dead history of schooling. 

This is a story of hope and determination, as it demonstrates that despite all the challenges, Mutethya didn’t give up. It’s also a testimony that good people still exist in the 21st century.

Muema Stephen pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics and Computer Science at TUM. He is waiting for his graduation in December 2024.

He is also a renowned tailor, designer and a CEO at Runtime Nguos Global, one of the best Ankara fashion stores countrywide that sews cloths for men, women, and children.

The book launch event was a testament to the spirit of innovation and academic excellence at TUM, showcasing the talent and dedication of both faculty members and students. The audience expressed their pride and admiration for the achievements of Mr Bozo Jenje and Mr Muema Stephen Ndunda, highlighting the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the academic community.

Key address

Dr Samson Kitheka, the Dean of the School of Business who represented the Vice Chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar, commended the two authors for a job well done. 

He challenged University dons to write more books because the Commission for University Education (CUE) has insisted that all new programmes must be taught using books that are locally authored. 

Dr Kitheka encouraged the TUM family to buy the books from the two authors in order to motivate them.

The Librarian

The Chief Librarian, Dr Wanyenda Chilimo said the University Library was committed to facilitating book launch events and other activities meant to promote the culture of authorship by both staff and students.

She termed Messrs Bozo and Muema as source of motivation for other staff and students who were still working on their manuscripts and intending to venture into book writing. 

Fielding questions from the students and staff, Dr Chilimo welcomed the idea of making book launch an annual event in the University calendar.

She assured the staff and students that the library would continue to providing guidance on the publishing processes to those in need as well as linking them up with other authors within the library community. 

“When staff and students publish journals and books, that places the authors and the University on another level of excellence. Through our policy of nurturing research and innovation, we will always be there to support your efforts towards that goal,” she said.

As the event concluded, the books were made available for purchase at the university library, where they are expected to serve as valuable resources for current and future students. The success of the book launch was a cause for celebration, reflecting the commitment of TUM to fostering a culture of learning, creativity, and intellectual growth among its members.


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