Supervisors with their students

From left to right, at the back are: Dr. Mvurya Mgala, Dr. Kevin Tole, Dr. Fullgence Mwakondo - Director ICI, Dr. Kennedy Ondimu , and Dr. Obadiah Musau .

From right to left at the front: Joseph Odhiambo, Abdushakur Jamwa Arina, George Kimwomi, Asenath Nyachiro, and Titus Charo Jephwa.

At the Technical University of Mombasa, education is about academic achievements and fostering responsible global citizens who actively contribute to a sustainable future. As part of our commitment to environmental conservation, the Institute of Computing and Informatics (ICI) was thrilled to introduce a new tradition during our recent graduation ceremony – tree planting by our master’s students.

The tree planting initiative aims to leave a lasting legacy, with each graduating master’s student planting a tree at our university. These trees will serve as a living testament to the dedication and aspirations of our graduates in building a greener future for generations to come. The significance of this gesture goes beyond the act of planting a tree. It represents our graduates’ determination to be environmentally conscious leaders and advocates for sustainability in their respective fields. By planting trees during their graduation ceremony, our students pledge to be responsible stewards of the environment and to promote eco-friendly practices wherever they go.

We are excited to embark on this journey towards a more sustainable future and are confident that our students’ dedication to tree planting will inspire others in our community and beyond. As an educational institution, we recognize our responsibility to instill values that extend far beyond the classroom, and this initiative is a testament to our dedication to shaping well-rounded and environmentally conscious individuals.

Professor Laila, Vice-Chancellor-TUM, expressed pride in the students, praising their genuine concern for the environment and inspiring future graduates to follow their lead.

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