Vice Chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar addressing students at the Assembly hall during orientation

Vice chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar has cautioned new students who were recently admitted at the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) to avoid ever falling prey to narcotics as they could ruin their academic pursuits.

This call comprised one of her key messages to the about 4,000 students who gathered at the University’s Assembly Hall for an orientation ceremony on Friday September 22, 2023.

Dwelling on the issue of drug abuse at length, Prof Laila warned the students that drugs abuse is bound to have negative effects on a student's physical and mental health hence impairing one’s academic performance and personality development.

Drug abuse can impair cognitive functions such as memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. Students who regularly use drugs may struggle to concentrate in class, to complete assignments, and to perform well on exams. This decline in academic performance can lead to lower grades, jeopardizing their future educational and career prospects,” Prof Laila explained.

Prof Laila further advised the students against engaging in inappropriate behaviour. She warned them that any student who will be found guilty of disrupting the regular academic activities of the University will face severe consequences as set out in the university statutes and other instruments.

Furthermore, any student who violates the laws of the country will be treated no differently than any other Kenyan citizen and will be handed over to the police. If you commit a crime, it will have long-lasting effects on your life – your name will remain in both the police and university records indefinitely.” Prof Laila expounded.

On dressing code, the Vice Chancellor was categorical that the notion of “my dress my choice” will not be applicable at TUM. She warned those who will be found putting on miniskirts, tumbo cuts and skin-tights will face consequences. She revealed that she has already assigned a security officer at the gate to ensure that directive is followed to the letter.

The VC also took the opportunity to caution new students on the risks of swimming at the beach, pointing out that the sea is deadly as regrettably attested by past incidences where new students drowned in the Indian Ocean.

She said: “Mombasa offers an array of stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters that attract both locals and tourists. With such enticing surroundings, it is no wonder that swimming is a popular activity among students in Mombasa. However, as with any water-related activity, there are inherent dangers that must be understood and respected. In the past new students have lost their lives at the beach, and we don’t want those incidents to happen again in 2023.”

The Vice Chancellor has urged all the new students to read the student hand book in order to familiarize themselves with the University rules and regulations. She warned students against breaking the university rules and regulations, as consequences of doing so are dire.

Prof Laila informed the students that TUM is a home of talents and encouraged the new students to enroll in various sport activities such as football, rugby, handball, basketball, Volley ball, soft ball among others. She disclosed that TUM has been participating in sports both locally and internationally.

She concluded her speech by quoting the 35th President of United States John F Kenneddy who said: "We should view education as a way to cultivate our unique talents, as each individual possesses personal aspirations and ambitions that, if realized, can contribute to the betterment of society and strengthen our nation as a whole."

In attendance were DVC Academic Research and Extension Prof Peter Gichangi, Registrar Academic Affairs Dr Cromwell Kibiti, Registrar Administration and Planning Dr Shivani Patel, Acting Registrar Pertnerships Research and Innovations Dr Sylvia Mutua, as well as various Chairs and Heads of Departments in the University.

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