Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) serving all segments of society and striving for inclusivity and equality has once again been in the forefront in providing reasonable accommodation and services by creating awareness through sensitization and training. Technical University of Mombasa Disability Mainstreaming Sensitization training was held on 17th Wednesday, May 2023. The training was facilitated by officials from National Council of Persons with Disabilities (NCPWD)-Mombasa Branch. In attendance were the Vice Chancellor, Professor Laila Abubakar, Prof. Joseph Rasowo DVC (AFP), the management, Disability Mainstreaming Committee members and staffs. The training was designed to sensitize senior managers and disability mainstreaming committee members on disability issues so as to be disability sensitive in their service delivery and mainstream persons with disabilities in their work.

Launching the disability mainstreaming training, Vice Chancellor Laila Abubakar says ``Technical University of Mombasa takes the issue of disability mainstreaming very seriously and currently the school has made a lot of regulations and renovations and whenever such projects take place, members of the mainstreaming are involved to ensure that persons with disabilities are embraced with standards required in the buildings. ’The two- day training headed by the county disability officer working with the National Council of Persons with Disabilities, Juliet Ruwa aimed at increasing the understanding and general knowledge on disability mainstreaming and mechanisms individuals and organizations can put in place to accommodate persons with disabilities. Other objectives were to understand definitions policy and legal framework, understand the roles of Disability Mainstreaming, disability inclusion -Employment and reporting portals.

Juliet says that she is very passionate about People with Disabilities and is so far impressed on how TUM has been responding to disabilities. “I am looking forward to seeing students and staffs with disabilities being served more efficiently and effectively after this training.

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