Academic Programmes

#Course CodeCourse Name
1DTEETTelecommunication Engineering
3PCITPre-Certificate in Information Communication Technology
4DTEEPPower Engineering
5PDSPhD in Development Studies
6PDBPhD in Biotechnology
7PDBCPhD in Biochemistry
8PDAMPhD in Applied Mathematics
9OPOptical Fiber
10DTEEMMechatronic and Robotic Engineering
11MPSMMasters of Science in Procurement and Supply Chain Management
12MSFMasters of Science in Finance
13MSEMasters of Science in Enterpreneurship
14MSSMasters of Science in Applied Statistics
15MBAMasters of Business Administration
16MPHMasters in Public Health
17MTSEMaster of Technology In Sustainable Energy Engineering
18MTMEMaster of Technology in Mechatronics Engineering
19MSCMMaster of Science in Supply Chain Management
20MMPVMaster of Science in Medical Parasitology and Vector Biology
21MSITMaster of Science in Information Technology
22MSIMaster of Science in Immunology
23MHRMMaster of Science in Human Resourse Management
24MFAMaster of Science in Fisheries and Acquaculture
25MSEEMaster of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
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