Thursday 3rd November 2022. TUMSA Parliament appoints Babelynn Mukila of School of Humanities and Social Sciences as a Commisioner EUC following successful interview process and vetting by TUMSA Parliament.

Babelyn becomes the first deaf student to serve as a Commissioner since the inception of MIOME now Technical University of Mombasa.

Babelynn has held various titles in Africa including Miss Deaf Africa and Miss Tourism among other international and national titles.Very hard working student. She has indeed proved abilities beyond disabiliy. She is the first deaf student to be admitted at Technical University of Mombasa on September 2021. She successfully completed her first level of study and she joined her second level September 2022.

This is great strides by the University and Students Administration.

I thank the University, Joel Awino Dean of Students and TUMSA Parliament for ensuring inclusion of students with special needs in the students leadership structures.

Congratulations Commisioner Babelynn Lynn Cyssy. I wish you all the best in this appointment.

The University under the leadership of University Council, University's Vice Chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar, UMB, Dean of Students and DMC will continue to ensure students with special needs are included in all spheres of life and given opportunity to participate.

"Deaf Culture is exciting and is even more exciting when you learn and understand Sign Language"Jonathan Metet

Disability is not Inability.

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