The School of Business takes this opportunity to welcome you to the Technical University of Mombasa. School of Business (SoB) is an excellent choice in business education and preparation for a successful career. SoB was hived from the previous Faculty of Business and Social Studies that was constituted in 2009 under the then Mombasa Polytechnic University College.  The School was created in April, 2015. School of Business currently houses three departments namely: Department of Accounting & Finance, Department of Business Administration and Department of Management Science.  The School offers a broad range of courses at different levels ranging from Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters to Doctorate levels. SoB courses are also offered in Kwale and Lamu. In additional the School offers professional courses both open and tailor-made training, seminars/courses, and carries out consultancy services.

The undergraduate programs attract both local and international students; who want to earn a degree with both theoretical rigor and practical application. Our undergraduate students major in Accounting, Finance, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Office Management, Maritime Studies, Logistics & Transport and Business Information Technology. In addition to coursework, our undergraduates undertake industrial attachment as a requirement for graduation.  This provides them with exposure and hands on experience. “A degree from TUM will prepare you for a high-powered career in any area of business and government”.

The School also offers Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program (which began admitting students in 2012), MSc. Finance, MSc. Human Resource Management, MSc. Procurement and Supply Chain Management, and MSc. Entrepreneurship. The Masters programs at TUM are designed to attract graduates and professionals who want to build capacity and increase knowledge and skills to bridge the gap in business theory and practice. The programs are designed to meet the needs of busy professionals through courses that have flexible and adaptable schedules.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration programme is also offered by the School. The Ph.D in Business Administration has several options: Marketing, Human Resources, Strategic Management, Finance, Procurement & Supply Chain. Our PhD challenges students to carry out research, improve abilities to understand and solve problems and to realize their potential. 

TUM School of Business seeks to provide its students with critical thinking skills and analytical tools that will enable them to integrate successfully in all areas of management in the public or private sectors, and to pursue academic research. The School aims to develop the future generation of business leadership, by creating closer connections between educational theory and practical problem solving. Welcome to School of Business where we make leaders.