Joint Community outreach and mentorship programs

Mentoring has a significant impact that results in positive outcomes for young people involved. Mentoring connects them to networks of support and resources that allow them to reach for social and economic opportunity and succeed.

Unfortunately, few young people will grow up with a mentor. To close this gap, TUM will engage at various levels from students and lecturers to counsellors, coaches and mentors – anyone who has a touch point in a young person’s life.

Community engagement is an undeniably critical part of ensuring that mentoring isn’t left to chance. TUM and the Industry can liaise and come up with support policies that promote mentoring as part of comprehensive educational and youth development initiatives. Lecturers, counsellors and school administrators can ensure mentoring is integrated into holistic student supports. Business leaders from the industry can encourage employee engagement in youth mentoring by partnering with a non-profit program and offering time to mentor during business hours.

TUM and the Industries collaborative engagement on mentorship will work around initiative that follow best practices, such as:

  • Aligning mentoring engagements with both TUM and industrial corporate strengths.

  • Collaborate with a non-profit expert for maximum impact.

  • Facilitate increased peer learning and idea sharing among service providers and actors focused on mentoring.

  • Foster employee engagement through an open understanding of where and when mentoring takes place, as well as ongoing support.

  • Invest in proven, evidence-based programming.