The Institute of Research, Innovation and Extension (IRIE) was one of the Directorates in the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM). It was in existence even before the Institution was transformed to become the Mombasa Polytechnic University College, (MPUC) in 2009, and Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) in 2013. Guided by the University Statutes 2013, IRIE has been transformed into the office of the Registrar Partnership Research and Innovation (PRI). Its overall mandate is to coordinate Partnership, Research and Innovation programmes in TUM. Presently, the office of the Registrar PRI is under the DVC, Academic, Research and Extension, and manned by The Registrar PRI awaiting the establishment of the office of the DVC (PRI). It’s mandated among others is to:

    1. Develop and promote a research culture at the University;

    2. Promote innovation and Extension activities;

    3. Establish collaborative research linkages;

    4. Institute mutually beneficial partnerships and linkages;

    5. Promote community out-reach services and transfer of technology for development; etc.;

In achieving the above, PRI ensures:

    • Ethical practice in Research;

    • Protection of intellectual property rights;

    • Up-holding appropriate code of conduct

PRI initiates collaboration and linkage networks, partnership and resource mobilization, research coordination, research fund disbursement, patenting and commercialization, promoting innovations and creativity dissemination of research findings and extension services, organizing exhibitions and research conferences as well as capacity building and training in research themes among others. It has three divisions;
1) Partnership Collaboration and Linkages
2) Research, Grants and Publication,
3) Innovations and Incubation center
4) Community and Extension Services