Technical University of Mombasa participated in the National Commission of Science Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) Science Week at KICC Nairobi Kenya as from 5th to 9th July 2019. The exhibitions were as follows:

SAFE DONATE by Jasin Onyango Owili

Safe donate is an electronic solution to problems arising from blood donation. It entails a circuit that monitors your body physiological processes and compares it with your body pressure

The circuit is built with op-amps configured as comparators for analog circuits, pressure sensor and IC comparators for digital circuit models. The circuit is able to find the average rate at which one squeeze and release the ball during donation with its microcontroller and use the constant for its judgments.


Poseidon pump system is a pneumatic system that converts loading into energy to increase the flow rate and static pressure in fluids. A pump powered by compressed air generated from traffic loading. Fluid movement at industrial capacity is the main purpose of Poseidon pump system. This includes industrial water pumping (pumping water to an entire town), industrial wastewater drainage (sewage pumped to treatment plants), flood control (floods delivered to the reservoir as rain is pouring in real-time) and water pumping for irrigation schemes.

Poseidon pump system is designed as a pressure plate (Weigh Bridge) to take the weight of traffic and generate compressed air that is used to pump large amounts of water (800,000 liters/hour) to great distance (suction radius 26 kilometer, delivery radius of up to 140 Kilometers and a head of 200 meters), and with no carbon footprint. Currently, in its working prototype stage built at the Technical University of Mombasa, Poseidon pump system is at its final phase which is the testing phase, extensive testing under different circumstances the results are very promising.


This is a web-based project. The worldwide acceptance of the internet makes G-balance the ideal solution to fill the gap to manufacturing industries in terms of analyzing their products. I.e. material costs, products costs, reports, business management, identifying the risks, analyzing the incomes/expenditures, frequent customers, progress of the business

G-balance is a user-friendly software that helps a business run smoothly; responsive. Can be used in any devices no matter the media screen of the device. It’s also flexible. Can be used within the organization or outside.

SORTING ARM by Esther Sidi & Mariam Halili

This project focuses on the challenges encountered when sorting various products in production industries where it takes a lot of time to sort products. The Sorting Robotic Arm model can be used for sorting large and small objects and those with defects moving on a conveyor belt through the use of the pick and place principle. It is programmed to learn from its past and use the data to focus on its decisions. It makes the process fast and precise thus it is efficient.

This will effectively empower recycling in garbage management, reduce health risks on labour force and other applications.


VFD helps to limit demand and electrical consumption of motors by reducing the amount of energy they consume. The features of a VFD are the smooth start of motor and energy conservation in motor operation.

With a VFD installed on an AC machine, a 51% saving would be realized on electrical energy consumption. Energy intensity would substantially reduce from 0.10kWh/Kg to approximately 0.07kWh/Kg.

An AC motor operating at 80% rated speed requires 64% of the torque i.e. (0.8X0.8). Furthermore, to produce 64% torque requires 51% of the power i.e. (0.64X0.8), as the power requirement is reduced in the same way.

For motors running on nominal loads, a 3% saving on energy would be achieved, for 75% load, the saving is approximately 30%. For 50% load, the saving is approximated at 75%.

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