TUM mentors over 150 KCSE Candidates in making informed Career Choices.


TUM Directorate of Career Services earlier today, led a career talk session to over one hundred and fifty students who will sit for KCSE this year from Maweni Mixed Secondary School on the importance of making informed decisions when choosing a career path.

The session is geared towards equipping students with adequate information about the programs the university is offering and how they will affect their career choices in the future.

The students received presentations from School of Engineering and Technology, School of Applied and Health Sciences, School Business, School of Humanities and social Sciences and institute of computing and informatics.

While presenting, Ms. Caroline Kinyi, lecturer from school of Applied and Health Sciences drew a comparison between medical sciences and journalism. ‘‘Nowadays a person who has pursued medical sciences course can easily work in a media house as medical reporter, for example Doctor Mercy Korir of KTN”

Later the students were taken through an open discussion and team building with officers from the directorate. The students also, got the opportunity to ask questions, clarification and their concerns were adequately addressed.

Recently the University has grappled with an increasing number of students who change courses in the middle of their studies or after completing up to one academic year. The University since, has identified that lack of adequate information about various, programs and their linkage to the industry has contributed heavily to these cases.

As a result, the majority of those who drop or change programs in the course of their studies end up overstaying in the university or dropping their studies completely because of peer pressure and intense confusion. For instance, if a student drops a course after one academic year, he/ she will be forced to start another program afresh; this wastes time and resources and can cause depression to the affected student.

To curb this gap, the University through the Directorate of students career services, has developed robust career and mentorship programs that are meant to nurture, mentor, guide, and equip students from both basic and higher learning institutions with adequate information to enable them to make an informed choice of programs as they pursue their careers.

TUM is the second largest Technical University in East Africa offering courses ranging from Certificate, Diploma, Degree, Masters and Ph.D.