In the photo, Professor Laila Abubakar, the Vice Chancellor, is positioned at the front. Moving from right to left, we have Dr. Mwakondo, the Director of ICI; George Kimwomi, an MSc student; and Dr. Tole, the Deputy Director of ICI.

I am thrilled to share my experience as a Master of Science student at the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) pursuing  Information Technology at the Institute of Computing and Informatics (ICI). The TUM-ICI staff incredibly supported and provided me with clear guidance on the course requirements right from the start. In addition, they were readily available whenever I needed assistance, which made my learning journey more fulfilling.

The program's flexible class attendance is a definite highlight, allowing me to attend physical and virtual classes that seamlessly fit into my work schedule. In addition, the quality of education and resources available at TUM helped me to develop a machine-learning model that became the foundation of my thesis.

The Institute's weekly seminars were a valuable addition to my research experience. I had the opportunity to present my work to esteemed institute members, fellow students, and industry experts invited from relevant sectors. Additionally, the research fund sourced by the Institute provided the necessary resources to cover the cost of my research, which I am incredibly grateful for.

I am delighted with my experience at TUM and eagerly look forward to future opportunities to advance my education at this outstanding institution.

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