It was pomp and color during this years Vice Chancellors round table. In an event that was marked with joy, celebrations and gratitude to the retirees for their selfless dedication and commitment during their work in TUM.

The VC Prof Laila Abubakar thanked the entire staff for their contributions indicating that without their support, it is very impossible to run the institution.” Since last year, things have not been so good, we in TUM, Kenya and even globally were going through hard times and it is because of God, that we are here today” She said while citing Kenya national Anthem ‘Kila siku tuwe na shukrani’

The VC used the occasion to highlight some of the achievements made so far, these includes the renovation of the Assembly Hall, the construction of; School of Medicine, Mabokoni Hostel and the perimeter wall around it.

She acknowledged the role played by the unions and their officials terming them good partners who have helped her to move the University forward. “I am glad that we are all in agreement that yes we can, the union officials are also singing the same good song of togetherness that is why we have been able to sit down and agree on crucial issues” she said

The budget process affected all the Universities and not just TUM alone which made things very difficult but through dialogue with the various unions we have been able to oversee the implementation of the CBA, being able to pay part of the arears, paying the statutory deductions in time, paying pension for the retirees” She added

She further acknowledged the importance of staff training as part of the achievements and also as a means of empowering the staff for efficient service delivery. She listed some of the trainings that have been undertaken including senior management training, EACC training, Security training, gender mainstreaming training, road safety training, performance and target setting training amongst others.

She reiterated that several policies have been passed and approved by the council and there is need to have all staff sensitized on the various policies.

She also appreciated everyone who participated in organizing both virtual graduation last year and the virtual orientation; also congratulating the registrar partnership Research and innovations for coming up with Multidisciplinary conference, Innovation week, multidisciplinary journal as well as the launch of renewable energy and climate change research Centre.

The Vice Chancellor thanked the ICI, the ICT’s and the ODEL team for having organized online classes and administering online exams during the examination period and not to forgetting to mention the liaison department for coming up with online logbooks where the student are able to acquire them from wherever they are.

She used the occasion to thank the project team, TUMEL especially for their consultancy services that brought good dividends to the university, in addition she applauded the TUM TVET for the good work and for having won for the University some fundings. She further acknowledged the role and support of the University council.

Prof Laila thanked the retirees for their selfless dedicated service to the university that helped TUM to chart its own path and destiny. And that they are always welcome in TUM

On his part, the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of academics’ research and extension who also stood in for his counterpart DVC AFP expressed his gratitude to all staff for having weathered the storm of covid-19 and managing to do their best to serve the clients. He challenged the staff to accept the spirit of teamwork and togetherness and that the divide is just for the documentation purposes.

He further urged the staff to handle students well because they are the main clients. “Let’s developed positive attitude towards our clients and reflect individually or collectively on how to improve the image and reputation of TUM’’ he said

We must do what is expected of us in order to boost our rankings and be able to outshine other established and help our programs to be oversubscribed” he concluded.

All the unions i.e., KUSU, UASU and KUDHEIA officials were presents. While speaking, they all emphasized on the need for continued corporation as well as giving room for dialogue whenever there is need so as to better the lives and working conditions of their members.