Master of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture


TUM Master of Science Student,
DUNKs his Fisheries and Aqua-Culture Defense


The school of Graduate Studies at the Technical University Of Mombasa
(TUM) led by Dr. Wahida Bana (Director SGS), does it again…
This time round with
Mr. Athman Mlisho Mwakaribu, a student of Master of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture, who successfully defended his thesis entitled 'Assessment of the contribution of artisanal fisheries to food security and nutrition in south coast Kenya' on 27th October 2022,
to an internal and external examiners team in a blended meeting at the TUM library conference room.

His research work investigated on fish as food accessible in amount and in nutritive value to artisanal fishery households of south coastal (Kenya). This work is a direct contribution of artisanal fisheries to Sustainable Development Goal No.1 as well as contributes to the ongoing Blue Economy Agenda in Kenya today.
Mr. Athman Mlisho Mwakaribu’s work shall be published in the next issue of the Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science. The student’s research was supervised by Dr. Cosmas Munga
(Lead Supervisor), Dr. Paul Njihia and Dr. Mumini Dzoga all of three lecturers from the School of Applied and Health Sciences.

Other examiners present during his defense were Dr. Rahma Udu (Dean, SoAHS), Dr. Nina Wambiji (External Examiner), Prof. Joseph Rasowo (Internal Examiner). Dr. Daniel Munga (internal Examiner), Dr. Oloo Otieno (SoB), Dr. Francis Mutuku (Dept. Expert.) and Mr. David Kimeu (Asst. R(SGS) Secretariat).

Hongera Sanaa…

Athman Mwakaribu !!