Physically Challenged TUM Former Student Scoops a Cash and Scholarship Award


A 2018 Bachelor of Commerce Finance option graduand at the School of Business won a Masters in Science Finance scholarship and sh50, 000 cash award.

The twenty three year old John Lokuta Ewoi beat the odds and scored a first class honours in Finance option at his undergraduate degree at the Technical University of Mombasa.

Despite being born with challenges on his arms, Ewoi became the darling of the University to win the awards after beating able students.

Ewoi topped 2120 of graduates in 2018 from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Applied and Science, School of Social Sciences and School of Business.

Fascinating on February 14th, 2019 at the Assembly hall Ewoi accomplishments were awarded on Valentine day, an indication and a milestone in his life that he has a deep love for education.

Appreciating his efforts, incredible and sterling performance, the chief guest at the

6th Technical University of Mombasa graduation ceremony Prof. Shaukat Abdulrazak promised a cash prize of sh. 50,000 for a job well.

To crown his valentine day, the TUM Council and the Vice Chancellor Prof. Laila Abubakar awarded him the two year scholarship.

While talking to the students and lecturers gathered to witness the occasion, Prof. Abubakar advised students to focus on academics and desist from drug abuse and illegal businesses.

“Your exemplary performance in academics is out of the sacrifice that you made to achieve your goals,” she said.

Further, Prof Abubakar directed students to refrain from activities that would disappoint their parents.

“Some have sold their property that includes land and cows, therefore do not disappoint,” Prof Abubakar said.

TUM Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics Research and Extension Prof. Raphael Mutuku challenged students to emulate Ewoi, whom despite myriad challenges he proved to the world that he is an academic giant.

“Ewoi you have made TUM proud. If you can make it, the other students have no reason to perform poorly,” Prof. Mutuku stressed.

Ewoi was born in Baragoi village in Samburu County. His vision is to eradicate poverty in his village and to help the physical challenged and bright students from disadvantaged backgrounds.