TUM VC Prof. Laila Abubakar today June 26, during a breakfast show interview at Pwani Fm highlighted the various programs and courses being offered in TUM and all the requirements to pursue such courses. She Said Tum offers quality education that matches the global standards as required. “Our courses are also recognized by the Commission of University Education (CUE) and accredited by the relevant Professional bodies. She added.

She urged the public to pursue their desired courses at TUM. She said Tum is a national university admitting students from all over the country. She further challenged the local coastal community to take advantage of having a university close to them and study in Tum to correct the fallacy that coastal people are not going to school.

On the issue of cheating in the Universities, the VC emphasized that Tum has zero tolerance to exam cheating or any other malpractice and such, attracts harsh penalties including expulsion of the offenders from the university. She reiterated that ‘’Tum produce fully baked students ready for the market and to employ themselves. Not those who cheated their way. We give hands-on training, competency based thus enabling our student to come up with innovations that help to solve societal problems’’

Tum is the home of research and innovation citing Tum’s engineering students’ recent innovation that made headlines in the national News on ‘Akili mali’ a program in one of the National Television.

The students came up with a ‘Poseidon pump’ which is an innovation to pump water using traffic. A project that has won awards in Kenya, South Africa, Germany and the United States.

She took the opportunity to elaborate that Tum is a center of excellence for TVET and offers TVET courses which to the advantage of a student taking TVET course in TUM is being awarded a University certificate. Prof. Laila expressed her displeasure on the rising cases of teenage pregnancies which are becoming more rampant especially in the coastal counties. As its corporate social responsibility TUM has come up with a program of visiting schools to mentor and advise them to avoid any risky behavior that would result in dropping out of school.

She again used the platform to encourage girls to take up sciences seriously as it has proved to be an obstacle for many of them when they want to pursue Engineering and Science oriented courses yet they didn’t perform well in the science subjects.