‘A job has always been the end goal of the majority of young learners.

Choosing the right career is key as its success is measured by who you become.

Careers are linear pathways of individual development within a stable employment organization. Higher education from universities to vocational institutes play a critical role in developing careers skills and leading innovations for economic transformations.

February 10th 2022, was a golden opportunity for form four students from Kiang’ombe Mixed Secondary School, hosted by the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) for a career talk purposed to introduce the students to the wide range of opportunities in the different fields of study.

The event, was attended by more than a hundred students, exhaustively expounded on different fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The student got and opportunity to visit the Science laboratories and workshops for real-time demonstrations.Exciting presentations and interactive lab sessions led by experts like Engineer Kaleli from Civil Engineering Department, Captain Kumba and Captain Suleiman Bakari from Marine Engineering Department; allowed the students to grasp information that enables them to relate subjects they are learning in high school to various occupations that are available in the world of employment.


The TUM Liaison Officers, Dr. Jane Kyalo and Mr. Hamisi Mkoka urged the students to learn from the role models who illustrate the relevance and connection of classroom work. Prompting the young ladies in the congregation to strive in STEM subjects to accentuate the February celebration of women and girls in STEM.