TUM softball team bags the trophies, coming home with Pride.



Men and Women’s softball team were elated to present their trophies to the Technical University of Mombasa on Monday at the Conference room.

The University was proud to welcome back the softball team and acknowledge the strides each one of them took to carry out such a stunning performance in the softball series. In the midst of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Laila Abubakar, Deputy Vice Chancellor Prof. Peter Gichangi, Dean of students
Mr. Joel Awino, and
Sports and Games Officer Mr. Anthony Mwanzia, the Softball team presented the trophies and words alone could not express the immense gratitude they had towards the TUM Management for giving them a stepping-stone to display their talents.

Without support and dedication from each team member and the university, we would not be here in this room congratulating each one of you. Dedication and discipline are the only ingredients that make winners. Right now, you are visible at the national level and with the right formula; you will be at the international level representing the country at the Olympics. Always stay true to yourselves and understand that the effort you put in now will be echoed in the future.” Dean of students declared.

Having represented the university at the softball series in South Africa, TUM maintains its stance on supporting sports and elevating teams to the top most level of athleticism. Considering that half of the team that went to South Africa came from the Technical University of Mombasa, the university also ensures that the departments are provided with enough equipment and gear to fine-tune their skills.


Prof. Peter Gichangi appreciated the team for their flexibility in time. “I congratulate all of you for being able to raise not only the university flag high but the nation flag as well, through the determination that each one of you put into making this a success, the TUM Management appreciates you.”

The Vice Chancellor held the Softball team in high esteem and praised them for raising the flag of TUM very high. Even though couple of months were rough on the sports department, the group still steered in the right direction and cemented themselves as the best in the competition. “Keep on pushing towards your goals; you are TUM champions as of now, focus will elevate you to African championship level and then Olympic level. Always set your bar high and never forget that the sky is the limit. ”