Mombasa County Muslim Students symposium kicked off at the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, with Vice Chancellor Prof. Laila Abubakar and other senior scholars urging the students to become change makers in the society.

Gracing the event, Prof. Laila along with other scholars who included renowned public speaker Athman Mujahid, Dr. Mbwarali Kami of Mombasa County and a TUM don Dr. Fatma Azimiya, urged young Muslims to utilize their potential to acquire education and skills that can help transform their lives and the society at large.

Prof. Laila, who opened the symposium officially, urged students to take education seriously, as, by so doing, they stood to impact the society in a big way.

Prof. Laila expressed concerns that academic performances in the Coast region have kept on deteriorating, whereas one would expect huge progress compared to the yesteryears.

"As Muslim students, you must give education first priority. Prophet Mohammed emphasized the importance of knowledge. Indeed the First chapter in the Holy Quran is IQRA, which means read," quipped Prof. Laila.

"Personally I studied at Star of the Sea and Aldina Visram. Those schools were regarded as academic giants in those days. I don’t know what changed," she lamented.

On his part, Prof. Athman Mujahid, who is a renowned scholar from the Coast region, advised students to chase their dreams by working hard in different academic spheres.

He reminded the University students to consider themselves lucky that they have an opportunity to explore their academic and creative potential.

Prof Mujahid said: "God gave each one of you a unique talent to make you great in this world. Don’t be comfortable where you are. Every end has a beginning. Work hard and knock all the potential doors, remember talent plus training produces a genius. ”

Mombasa County Executive Committee member for Education Dr. Mbwarali Kami promised that the County Government will work closely with TUM to bridge the education gap in Mombasa County.

Dr. Mbwarali said that contrary to views by critics, education remains the most potent weapon to make students competitive in the Kenyan job market and across the globe.

TUM don Dr. Fatma Azimiya advised students to focus on research in order to find lasting solutions to problems affecting Mombasa residents.

She said the essence of education and knowledge is the capacity to find solutions to societal problems.

The three-day symposium brought together both Muslim and non-Muslim students from the University of Nairobi, Pwani University, Kenyatta University, and Mount Kenya University.