#Course CodeProgramme NameSchool/Institute...
1 IDLTM International Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management School of Business  
2 ATD Accounting Technician Diploma School of Business  
3 APS-K Associate in Procurement and supply chain of Kenya School of Business  
4 CEIA Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment Audit SCHOOL OF APPLIED &HEALTH SCIENCES  
5 COEHS Certificate in Occupational, Environmental Health and Safety SCHOOL OF APPLIED &HEALTH SCIENCES  
6 CPSP-K Certified procurement and supply professional of Kenya (CPSP-K) part 1 School of Business  
7 CPA Certified Public Accountant School of Business  
8 CCNA CISCO (CCNA1, 2, 3) Institute of Computing & Informatics  
9 ITE CISCO (Computer maintenance ) Institute of Computing & Informatics  
10 CA Compute Applications Institute of Computing & Informatics  
11 FAUD Forensic Audit School of Business  
12 HM Heavy Machinery School of Engineering & Technology  
13 HCIA (R&S) HUAWEI (Routing and Switching) Institute of Computing & Informatics  
14 HCIA (SC) HUAWEI (Security) Institute of Computing & Informatics  
15 IC Instrumentation and Control School of Engineering & Technology  
16 ICLTM International Certificate in Logistics and Transport Management School of Business  
17 MTM Mechanical Technology and Maintenance School of Engineering & Technology  
18 SDASRP Statistical Data analysis using SPSS OR R programming SCHOOL OF APPLIED &HEALTH SCIENCES  
19 TTM Taxation & Tax Management School of Business  
20 WEL Welding School of Engineering & Technology