The Directorate of Quality Assurance

The Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) was established through the provision of the revised statutes section XVII of 2013. The directorate has two divisions;

  • Academic Quality Assurance
  • Quality Management Systems

Academic Quality Assurance

Engages in the delivery of appropriate academic experiences through: –

  • Safeguarding of academic standards (Teaching, Learning and Research)
  • Assurance and enhancement of academic quality and outreach activities
  • Implementation of best practices for effective quality assurance and service delivery
  • Adoption of an academic quality improvement cycle since quality is a moving target

The responsibilities and functions of DQA include oversee the development and implementation of conventional university degree programs as provided for in the Universities Act of 2012, guided by CUE guidelines and Regulatory Bodies guidelines where applicable. These functions are achieved through: –

  • Implementation of appropriate teaching and evaluation procedures
  • Ensuring stakeholder participation in curriculum content development and review
  • Ensuring effective analysis and professional handling of examination results and possesses therein
  • Ensuring admission and graduation of qualified students into the various approved / accredited programs
  • Ensure recruitment of qualified faculty/staff for enhanced service delivery
  • Liaise with management to ensure availability of adequate infrastructural and human resource for each mounted program
  • Facilitate program accreditation by professional and regulatory bodies
  • Undertake student-lecturer evaluation as a service delivery feedback mechanism
  • To coordinate curriculum development and review undertaken by academic department, Faculties/schools, Stakeholder participation and presentation for senate approval.
  • Coordination Institutional Self-Assessment Analysis.

The institution has so far held SIX graduation ceremonies since the Award of charter.

Quality Management Systems

Engages in monitoring of quality of management systems. These include;

  • To monitor processes and trainings to ensure that the University adheres to standards.
  • Oversees the implementation of the ISO documented procedures for TUM.
  • Ensures adherence to documented work procedures in all areas in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • Ensures Quality Service Delivery through application of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • Evaluates system performance and suggest improvements.
  • Undertakes Internal Quality Audits (IQAs).

The directorate is headed by a Director Quality Assurance, who is assisted by two (2) deputies; Deputy Director, Academic Quality Assurance (DDAQA), Deputy Director, Quality Management  System (DQMS) and one (1) senior clerical officer. The directorate intents to establish a Quality Assurance Board comprising of one member from each School/Faculty/Institute, the university librarian and two students’ representatives. The members of the Quality Assurance Board to be appointed by the Vice-Chancellor to serve for a term of two years renewable for another two years. The Director by virtue of his/her position as Director of Quality Assurance to be a member and chair of the Quality Assurance Board.